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Prople talk about us:

Caroline N.:

It's amazing how Savoy Kitchen Alhambra offers all three of your favorite carbs—rice, pasta, and pizza/bread—in one place. I came for the Hainan chicken, which was absolutely incredible—perfectly tender and bursting with flavor, enhanced by their trio of unique sauces. Even the rice was a treat on its own, deliciously seasoned.

Feeling adventurous, I decided to indulge in all the carbs they had to offer. The menu is truly unique. I tried the duck pizza, and it was delicious—no gamey taste, just rich, savory goodness balanced with onions and cheese. Craving pasta, I ordered the creamy mushroom pasta, which was hot, fresh, and served with extra breadsticks. Every bite was delightful, and my order arrived quickly, dish by dish, showing the care and love put into each preparation.

Next time, I can’t wait to try the escargot and dive into their dessert offerings!

A bonus: there's plenty of parking, including a dedicated lot to the right of the restaurant. With only four indoor tables, most seating is available outside, adding to the cozy, charming vibe of Savoy Kitchen.

Thao T.:

Bernie was absolutely amazing! The service was friendly and incredibly helpful. The Hainan chicken was juicy and paired perfectly with the delicious dips—absolutely mouth-watering. Don’t miss out on the creamy baked fish either! It’s incredibly comforting with a perfectly balanced flavor. And the bun rieu, or Vietnamese crab noodle soup, was superb—rich and flavorful. I only wish it came with a few veggies, but it was fantastic nonetheless!

Karlie S.:

Still as fantastic as ever! While prices have increased and there's often a wait, the food remains delicious and satisfying.

Given the constant demand, I highly recommend calling in your order and opting for pickup. They are impressively quick at preparing orders!

The service is consistently friendly, provided by the same welcoming staff, and the restaurant always exudes a warm, family-friendly atmosphere.

Conveniently, there's a small parking lot across from the restaurant, as well as ample street parking.

Ann T.:

It’s always bustling here, and it's easy to see why. With mouth-watering food and a cozy dining space (both indoor and outdoor seating available), the staff work tirelessly, even on weekday evenings beyond the usual dinner rush.

We dined in their charming outdoor area, reminiscent of a romantic European alleyway. Picture a brick wall, food delivered through a tiny window, warm ambient lights, and a small wooden fence adorned with shrubbery separating the dining area from the sidewalk. Absolutely delightful.

For dinner, we enjoyed the following:

Baked Escargot with Herb Butter

Served with pizza bread (essentially the crust and bread part of a pizza) perfect for soaking up the herb butter sauce.

The escargot was slightly overcooked for my taste, making it a bit chewy, but the garlic and butter sauce it was baked in was absolutely indulgent and delicious.

Seafood Pasta

You can choose to have your seafood baked in either tomato, garlic, or cream sauce—we opted for the cream sauce. It had a simple, not-too-rich taste and came with a generous amount of seafood, including squid, shrimp, and scallops. The seafood is baked separately from the medium-width flat pasta noodles, so you can enjoy them separately or mix them together as you prefer.

Hainan Chicken Rice

This dish is a must-try here. You can customize it with options like no salad, with salad, dark meat (+$1), half chicken, whole chicken, or chicken and rice only.

We chose the dark meat version with rice and a side salad with dressing. Each dish comes with chili and ginger sauce for dipping. The chicken was incredibly moist and flavorful, and the rice carried a rich chicken essence without being overly "chicken-y." The addition of chili and ginger provided a delightful variation, ensuring you never tire of the dish. Simply fantastic.

This unique restaurant not only excels with its delicious Hainan chicken rice but also offers a variety of Italian and European dishes infused with an Asian flair.

Tina V.:

Honestly, this is the best Hainan chicken in town. The dish may look simple, but every element tastes incredible. The chicken pairs perfectly with all three of their fantastic sauces. I haven’t tried anything else because this dish is simply unbeatable. The service is super fast and friendly, making the experience even better. This place is definitely worth all the hype!